Well, I'm assuming that if you're here you at least have a passing familiarity with the things I've written. If so, welcome to the website. If not, then welcome to the welcome to the Bakery. I love each one of my Lemon Lords and Ladies. Seriously, they're some of the finest folks I've had the pleasure to know. 

Anyway, I'm a 25 year old white guy who lives in Washington state. I have two beautiful dogs, a sometimes crippling video game habit, and more books than any sane person could possibly need. I work in the mechanical field, with around 5 years of experience working on industrial machinery. Though actually, I've just transferred over to working in Industrial/Residential HVAC sales. So far that's been a pretty good time I guess. I like long walks on the beach and sipping iced tea in the dead heat of summer. I have all ten toes, and all twelve fingers same as any other person.....Did you leave yet? If not, here's a little hidden forward from The Prime Empire. Enjoy :)

Zolf sat up in bed, rubbing his face, trying to wipe the traces of sleep away from his still waking mind. He groaned as he stood, his right knee clicking painfully. He winced at the constant reminder of his second class status in the Empire. Were he a woman, the knee would have been replaced and good as new within a week. 

He walked bleary eyed towards the corner of the small apartment dedicated to his bathroom needs. He swore loudly and vigorously, having stubbed his toe on the corner of a piece of furniture. 

In a display of pointless rage he flipped the desk over, spilling the remnants of last night's meal on the cold ceramic of the floor. 

Zolf shook his head while rubbing his toe. Nothing broken at least. He walked back to the shower and ran the water. The wear and stress of the last several nights melted away in the warm water. He looked at his hands, covered in the dozen small scars of  a working man. They stood out against his coal dark skin. He sighed heavily, dread building in his chest knowing that another day of hard labor presented itself. 


He stepped out of the shower, drying himself and dressing. Glancing at the mirror once more before heading out, he walked out of his apartment. At the end of the hall his work crew stood waiting for him. They were good men, assigned to work under him in the terra-forming efforts on Hera. He nodded to them in greeting. 

"Today we're going to be heading out to Delphi. Zone 42-A is due to begin forestation. We'll be out there for the next few weeks." 

John Teetor, Zolf's Lead Tech, groaned. "Why do we always get the shit work?"

Zolf laughed, more tired than actually amused. "You got me. Teeter's team always gets repair work in the city. Course' I'm not hooked up with a Governess either." 

This garnered a bitter round of laughs from the men. 

"Seriously though mates, I know it's been hard," the weariness crept into his voice despite himself. "It has been hard. But we're strong. We can get through this in one piece. We always do."

He nodded his head towards the transport which landed softly on the pad out front. 

"Let's kick this day's ass."


This is a major character who is coming up shortly hope you like this glimpse into the future,